¡La segunda edición de Xanadú! El primer juego de diseñador colombiano con éxito internacional. Un divertido juego de recursos y posicionamiento de trabajadores en el cual los jugadores competirán por ser el mejor arquitecto de la ciudad de Xanadú, pero cuídandose de no ser saboteados por los otros jugadores. En 1252, Kublai Khan le pidió al famoso arquitecto chino Liu Bingzhong que diseñara su palacio de verano, para fundar así la ciudad de Xanadú ("ciudad superior"). Bingzhong repartió sus diseños entre sus discípulos más queridos para que construyeran la ciudad. Ahora, ellos buscan el reconocimiento de su maestro y el Khan, y serán capaces hasta de sabotear a sus compañeros por lograr convertirse en el mejor arquitecto de Xanadú.
Duración 45 min
Jugadores 2-6
Edades 13+

Favorito Agregar Remover

Javier Velásquez Diseñador del juego

Javier lleva 5 años diseñando juegos de mesa y 4 años diseñando sistemas gamificados en Colombia. Es fundador de Azahar Juegos y lleva más de 10 juegos de mesa diseñados, entre comerciales y empresariales. Su juego, Xanadú, fue publicado por Quined Games en Holanda y hoy se distribuye en Europa y Estados Unidos.

Artistas y Diseñadores Gráficos

Carolina Tobar

Literata Gubergren amet dolor ea diam takimata consetetur facilisis blandit et aliquyam lorem ea duo labore diam sit et consetetur nulla

Javier Velásquez

Diseñador de Juegos Gubergren amet dolor ea diam takimata consetetur facilisis blandit et aliquyam lorem ea duo labore diam sit et consetetur nulla

Santiago Salazar

Diseñador Industrial Gubergren amet dolor ea diam takimata consetetur facilisis blandit et aliquyam lorem ea duo labore diam sit et consetetur nulla

Descripción del Juego

El año es 1252 y Kublai Khan ha decidido construir su palacio de verano. Para esto, ha buscado a los mejores arquitectos, pero ellos no se detendrán con nada por ganar fama y prestigio.

Los jugadores competirán por ganar la mayor cantidad de tong baos (monedas) vendiendo construcciones (cartas) al Khan.

Cada carta cuenta con recursos disponibles dispuestos en 4 casillas, que pueden ser aprovechados por todos los jugadores (incluido el dueño de la carta). Para utilizar estos recursos los jugadores asignan trabajadores. Solo los recursos que se encuentren en casillas destapadas (sin trabajadores) están disponibles.

Xanadú es un juego de estrategia de construcción y sabotaje para jugadores casuales y experimentados.


Esa nueva versión tiene las monedas rediseñadas, las cartas son más grandes (65 x 100mm) y en papel que permite el deslizamiento.La portada fue rediseñada, con cabezote hecho por Oscar Velásquez.


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Reglas de Xanadú en español / Rules of the game in spanish

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Rating en BGG: 6

A clever new engine-building game. It has a little of the [b]Bohnanza[/b] feel with building bean fields. Building on others though is inventive and quite mean! I would've given this an extra point if I didn't spend so much of the time squinting at the tiny icons across the table.


Rating en BGG: 7

Really unique game. Still haven't gotten it to the table enough to decide fully what I think.


Rating en BGG: 5

Feels like an engine building game but you have to keep selling your engine and start over.

Andy Pain

Rating en BGG: 5

Played 6 handed at club night - main mechanic is use of your or other players resources - a bit like that in 7 wonders. Also playtested Vigilante for Alex

Andy Parsons

Rating en BGG: 6

To some extent Xanadu is familiar and rather boring territory of assembling different sets of resources to build buildings. Its use of double sided cards - one side a building, the other a worker - is scarcely novel either. However, it does offer a couple of things I haven't seen before. The first is that the degree to which you can replenish your hand while taking an active turn is dependent on selling one of your buildings to the Khan. The other is that we are all working together on this building project and so I can place my workers to gain resources from your buildings. Doing so also alters the price the building can be sold at. These two features combine to make this not at all a common or garden engine builder; your engine is constantly being dismantled. Instead, Xanadu is a highly tactical game of making the best of what's there now and of managing your hand to minimise the number of turns that you need to pass in order to draw back up to seven cards. It almost goes without saying that in such a tactical game there are no strategic depths to explore. Production quality is OK. I found the card art rather nice, while the distressed look of the box was not to my taste. There is a lot of information on each card and the icons are fairly small, so don't try to play this across a huge table. The English rules are a little lacking in clarity.


Rating en BGG: 7

This one's a mixed bag. Overall, I found it to be an interesting little card game. I liked the mechanism. I found it quite clever and relatively unique but, as a good friend of mine observed, it's a bit chaotic and hard to plan a strategy because there's a lot of luck in terms of people's needs being influenced by card draw. Our first game was a four player game. It dragged a little because the iconography of the cards isn't that clear and you have to scan all of the cards on the table looking for what you want. The card quality also isn't the best - you really need to sleeve these cards. I can't imagine it with 5 or 6 - that could just be pure chaos. This one might blossom with 2-3 players. BTW - I disagree entirely with the reviewer who said to avoid the rules. The rules are very clear. There are typos and grammatical errors, which clearly come from someone for whom English is clearly not their first language, but I found them concise and easy to understand.

Apple Paul

Rating en BGG: 5

Xanadu is a "card building" game of some note with "dual use cards" mechanics that have little or no relationship to what is, in truth, a completely pasted on theme, and it seems, pasted on resources. Light bulbs and tea cups for resources to build buildings? This is "complex card gaming" for the sake of "complex card gaming," which in fairness, does have its appeal for certain gamers who want to play a game designer's idea of a complex card game. I am just not in that intended audience. On the other hand, there are far worse card games than this one, and some gamers may be new to the idea of using cards to build buildings, that then, give you points, a mechanic that, by itself, in a themeless game, is simply no longer enough to hold my interest.


Rating en BGG: 9

(About the 2015 edition) This game is not getting the attention it deserves. Behind the apparent little card game is a deep brain burner construction game. There are constant choices and interaction: using a card as a worker or to be build, then use it for resources only, or to be sold, or both, with the possibility of using other players buildings and them yours of course, those actions changing the building values, wisely choosing when to sell, when to refill your hand, etc. So many ways to go with a hand of cards that I wouldn't advise to play with 5 or 6 players, keep the number as low as possible and avoid AP players at all costs. Great 2 player game. In short, this will please many gamers who like heavy management games.


Rating en BGG: 7

Interesting take on the worker placement genre - a game only with cards (that represent both resources and workers). Very AP prone and I didn't find the game interesting enough to keep around.


Rating en BGG: 5

The game as a lot of neat ideas, but turns tend to get too long for what the game offers. Also, there's a lot of mean moves; even too much for me, who don't mind mean games. Other than that, it's a game with a nice theme, and some interesting mechanics that can be enjoyed once in a while.


Rating en BGG: 6

Rating based on a single play Some good ideas, some good game play, but feels a touch random. Rating -- Indifferent.


Rating en BGG: N/A

2 293


Rating en BGG: N/A

Played this with Brett and Bryon at BGG.con 2015 -- rather liked it!

BC Indy

Rating en BGG: N/A

Directly from publisher


Rating en BGG: N/A

Sleeved - 80 - Mayday Magnum Copper Premium (MDG-7106, 80/pack) - (65 x 100mm)


Rating en BGG: N/A

best 4,(2,3) 1hr


Rating en BGG: N/A

Quined Master Print Pocket Edition Series #1


Rating en BGG: N/A



Rating en BGG: 9

Excelente juego colombiano.


Rating en BGG: 3

Continuous fiddly resource inspection makes planning tedious. Much luck is involved through card drawing and the ways to influence this are minimal. The obvious way to keep opponents from scoring is placing workers at their buildings. But the times you want to do this are situational and often hurt you more than help you. Gives the impression of a simplified 7 Wonders style of strategy, but without the fun.


Rating en BGG: 7.5

Clever game, quite hard to get your head around head around at first but good fun. With 3 players is probably robably the best, but 2 and 4 work OK


Rating en BGG: 9.5

Awesome game that is just right on a lot of levels for my family - theme, length, rules, "take that", really everything. Doesn't hurt to have the first copy sold in the US :)


Rating en BGG: 5

I love the basic card-driven, resource-generating mechanic of this game, and I'd love to see something similar employed in other games. The theme, art, and presentation are also great, although with all your buildings splayed out and multiple cards stacked loosely on top of them your player space gets really messy and the game is generally quite fiddly overall. What I really don't like is the fact that you have to constantly try to read the tiny symbols on your opponents' cards so that you can screw them over at a moment's notice and deprive them of valuable points. This is both a practical complaint, since it's hard to read all the messy cards from across the table, and a personal one, since I hate "take-that" in most games, and it's required in this game on virtually every turn. Sold.


Rating en BGG: N/A

tom vasel wants reprint, zen worker placement


Rating en BGG: 6

Really different and interesting card game where cards can either be used as workers or built as buildings. Dry overall but still enjoyable.


Rating en BGG: 6

I forget how I found out about this game, but added a copy from CSI on a recent order. It's a multi-use card game where you must either use your card as a building or a worker on either your own or your opponent's cards. By covering cards with workers it also changes how much value the card is worth when you sell it for money, which is what you need to win the game. The only downside is I don't feel like the decisions on how to use your cards are that tough, and it is definitely better with more.


Rating en BGG: 8

[b]AVOID THE RULES[/b] ([COLOR=#FF0000][b]A V[/b][/COLOR]ideo [COLOR=#FF0000][b]O[/b][/COLOR]f [COLOR=#FF0000][b]I[/b][/COLOR]nstruction & [COLOR=#FF0000][b]D[/b][/COLOR]emonstration [COLOR=#0000FF][b]T[/b][/COLOR]hat [COLOR=#0000FF][b]H[/b][/COLOR]elps [COLOR=#0000FF][b]E[/b][/COLOR]ase [COLOR=#FF0000][b]R[/b][/COLOR]ule [COLOR=#FF0000][b]U[/b][/COLOR]nderstanding & [COLOR=#FF0000][b]L[/b][/COLOR]earning - [COLOR=#FF0000][b]E[/b][/COLOR]asy [COLOR=#FF0000][b]S[/b][/COLOR]tart!) [u]BGG:[/u] http://boardgamegeek.com/video/34667/xanadu/connect-more-to-xanadu-avoid-the-rules [u]YouTube:[/u] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NNc9RKMpGc Written review: [thread=992804][/thread] The goal of the designers was to create a good [b]worker placement[/b] card game to reduce publication costs so that the game could be published entirely in their native Colombia. Being a card game, Xanadu also incorporates [b]card drafting[/b] and [b]hand management[/b] mechanics. One of the really cool aspects of this game is that it plays quite differently based on the # of people and with your gaming group. I love games that take on the personality of your group. If people stick to themselves, then it will be a fairly friendly game. But, if you got people who love forcing conflict, then this will be a cutthroat affair! This game MUST get more publication and notice here in North America! (And beyond) But, for now, you can get this game by geekmailing Javier here: [username=somiryu] ps - For 2 players, be sure to use the varient posted here on BGG.


Rating en BGG: 5

He visto el vídeo de la explicación. Parece una mecánica interesante pero creo que va a tener más interacción entre jugadores de la que me suele gustar. Valoraré tras jugarlo. Edito: tras una primera partida a 3 jugadores, he de decir que no es mal juego pero no he disfrutado mucho la partida. Básicamente te limitas a intentar optimizar tu mano en el momento, ya que debido a la gran interacción que tiene, no puedes hacer nada a largo plazo. Aún así, es rápido de jugar y puede valer como compás de espera entre juegos. Creo que es mejor juego cuanto menos jugadores haya, a más de tres debe de ser incontrolable totalmente. Edito: tras una partida a dos jugadores el juego es ameno de jugar y está bastante competido.


Rating en BGG: 8.2

游戏性7 题材9 体验9 美工9


Rating en BGG: 5

A card-based worker placement game set in China. Interesting ideas here, but implementation is a little clunky.


Rating en BGG: 10

I love the dual worker/building mechanics of the cards in Xanadú, there is strong player interaction, and to make the decision of spending what could have been a nice building to pay for resources is a nice thing.


Rating en BGG: 4

Nothing spectacular here. There are many more multi-use card games I would rather play.


Rating en BGG: N/A

Bought at Essen 2015


Rating en BGG: 6

Mystery Box to Aethubryn


Rating en BGG: 7

Nice game. Interesting use of cards as either buildings, or workers. I hope this gets a US release.


Rating en BGG: 7

A light,quick playing city building card game, and very pretty to look at.


Rating en BGG: 7

1x Love the elegant rules and the tough decision-making. Plays quickly and can be modified for a faster game. I like that there is a lot of interaction between players which is harder to get right for tableau-style games. I've only played 2P but I bet it scales very well.


Rating en BGG: N/A



Rating en BGG: 7



Rating en BGG: N/A

Quined Games


Rating en BGG: 6



Rating en BGG: N/A



Rating en BGG: 4

Game idea is nice, but downtime is a serious issue. It's hard to see what symbols are available, looking around the table. High scoring cards are always covered up by opponents, so don't bother to play them in the first place.


Rating en BGG: 5

A crazy number of icons, drab art and boring card plays makes for no fun...add into this that you must constantly examine half the cards upside down and I get a headache. This is a recipe filling game I can do without.


Rating en BGG: 3

아레나에서 몇번이나 시도해봤지만 하는 법을 제대로 이해하지 못했고, 더 하고 싶을 정도의 흥미도 느끼지 못했다...하는법을 알고 쭉 했지만 여전히 재미포인트를 모르겠다... 제대로다시 하고싶어 또했다. 나름의 퍼즐스러운 재미는 있으나 재미에비해 너무길다.


Rating en BGG: 4

The art of this game is poor and the quality of the cards is not the best. There are too many resources to take into account so it makes it less enjoyable.


Rating en BGG: N/A



Rating en BGG: 5

Blitz review: https://www.instagram.com/p/BvMo_o7AT4O/


Rating en BGG: N/A

Damaged & missing 2 cards


Rating en BGG: 6

The idea is ingenious, but somehow amount of things to consider in all cards was overwhelming. Like heavier Race for the Galaxy, but with less interesting interaction? I wouldn't even consider playing it with > 2 players.


Rating en BGG: 5

Too many tiny icons to take account of - not only your own but also your opponents so that you you screw-up their turns


Rating en BGG: 7


Game Investigations

Rating en BGG: N/A

2-6 best 3 of 4


Rating en BGG: 7.75

Nice multiple use cards and quick play.


Rating en BGG: 6.25

Good card play...rules were meh


Rating en BGG: 6

Interesting mechanism, but it suffers from too many different wares and icons. You need a good overview in this game and that's just another miss here, as it's really no fun to look at everyone's cards to search for the needed icons. Also, it's too random for my taste.


Rating en BGG: 7

Good card game. Fast to learn, and hard to master. Very interesting decisions during gameplay. For me, there are some things about the theme, but the mechanics are really great and they work!


Rating en BGG: 6

The next game in a long line of multi-use card games. There are definitely some neat ideas in here, but my only play of the game made it feel far too tactical for my tastes. That said, the box is gorgeous.


Rating en BGG: N/A


Rating en BGG: N/A



Rating en BGG: N/A

Keen to try with 3 or 4p.


Rating en BGG: 3

Don't buy. Too random.


Rating en BGG: 8.5

Ordered from author during sale period.


Rating en BGG: 6

Interesante juego...me gusta bastante el sistema en que sube y baja el valor de los edificios, y en especial la gestión de recursos para pagarlos, ya que se cuenta con recursos de sus propios edificios al igual que el del resto de jugadores. Sin embargo no es un juego que me guste jugarlo con 3 o más jugadores, ya que la mecánica hace que al construir un edificio de mediano o alto valor, los demás jugadores sin duda van a bajar sus cartas para devaluar su venta, así no necesiten los recursos de esos edificios. Sin embargo creo que es un juego en el que se equilibra y se ve su gran potencial cuando se juega de a 2, ya que un jugador no puede dedicarse únicamente a bajar cartas para dañar el edificio al otro jugador, porque va a quedar con poco para poder jugar. Pensaría que si hubiera una variante en la cual un jugador no pudiera tomar más de 1 o 2 recursos por jugador, se equilibraría más, se haría más estratégico y se jugaría más a construir sus propios edificios que a jugar a dañar lo que tienen los demás...para el caso en que se juegue con 3 o más jugadores. Por ahora creo que es un gran juego y lo disfruto realmente cuando lo juego entre 2.


Rating en BGG: 5.5

This game very much suffers from competition with the rest of my collection. It has two interesting aspects: timing, and dynamic balancing among the players. The timing aspect is reasonably engaging. It seems like you are trying to set yourself up to play a large building when your opponents are low on cards, and therefore unable to sabotage it out from under you. Setting this up can be tricky, because people will almost certainly be trying to do the same thing to you. You are therefore stuck in a situation where you succeeding also gives your opponents ground to make a move in. The dynamic balancing is something I always enjoy. Someone at the table scoring 7 points is bad for everyone else, so everyone else is incentivized to mess with it. However, screwing with someone's building just for spite is normally a fairly large investment, and can leave you drained for your own turn. Therefore, it's best for you to try to pass the buck to the next person down the line, and hope that they bite the bullet and do the work for you. Doing so runs the risk that your unwilling associate gives you the game equivalent of a middle finger, and builds their own building while letting the original player get away with 7 points, scot-free. That all being said, these are systems that are present in plenty of other games that I own. On top of that, Xanadu's underlying mechanics are not stimulating enough to make me want to play it over something like, say, Chicago Express. I will likely try it a few more times, but so far, I'm not convinced. I will say that I do enjoy the art and design quite a bit.


Rating en BGG: N/A

An interesting game. At first it seems sort of solitaire puzzle-y, as you focus on your own cards and try to figure out ways to sustain a chain of selling cards for points. Then you realize you can be aggressive, using only or mostly your opponent's buildings for resources. Neat. Played with 2 and 3 players so far and it worked fine.


Rating en BGG: 6



Rating en BGG: N/A

Kickstarter Project http://kck.st/1G6MgVT - Backed: 06/15/2015 - Funded: 07/15/2015 - Pledge Level: Pledge €75 or more: "SHERIFF: Carson City Big Box edition. This is level includes the special edition of Carson City and and all it's expansions including unlocked stretch goals. Once the wooden components are unlocked they replace the cardboard tokens in this big box. For shipping select your country in the menu and the costs will automatically be added to your pledge." - Payment: €75 + €15 Xanadu + €20 American Rails + €12 Warlock - Survey: 08/08/2015 crowdox - Projected Delivery: 10/2015 - Shipped: Status: DELIVERED


Rating en BGG: 7.2

good boardgame

JcK Videos

Rating en BGG: N/A

[url=http://www.jck.cl/wordpress/jck0251-xanadu] JcK0251 Xanadú[/url] [url=http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/99467]Reglas a la JcK[/url] [IMG]http://www.jck.cl/wordpress/wp-admin/archivos-jck/thumbs/JcK0251_Xanadu.gif[/IMG]


Rating en BGG: 7

Excelent card game, the players build cards that have resources in it that all players can use, but with each use the cards can improve, stay the same or be lowered in it's price. You have to decide when to use your own cards to raise it's price when to sell your cards and when to use other players cards in order to lower their market prices. I like this game a little more every time i play it.


Rating en BGG: 4

2012-11-06 Initial Rating: 7.0 (November 2012) Full disclosure: I am a friend of the designers AND I won the game in a lottery event. This is the first game I play that was designed and developed here in my country (Colombia) so I’m very happy about it and I wish the best to Azahar Juegos. I hope they continue to publish more games. So far, I have played Xanadu only once. This is a light card game but with some interesting decisions in it. First of all, the theme is paper thin but the mechanics are quite good. I like the fact that you need to manage your hand, you can play each card as a building or as a worker, so you need to balance this. The rules are very easy to teach and the play time is relatively short. My main concern has to do with the high VP buildings (yellow and green ones), they are very easy to sabotage so when a player plays them, all other players will try to screw him ASAP without regard to their own tactical situation. I mean every time they were played in our game, we sabotaged them no matter what resources they gave us, otherwise, the player who played them would win very easy. I feel this is an auto play with no strategy whatsoever which I don’t like. This whole situation led me to think that, perhaps, they are not worth playing or you need to play them just before the game ends but I need more plays to properly see if this is an issue or not. For now I will play again Xanadu soon and I’m happy that games are being produced in my country :D Current Rating: 7.0 [hr] 2014-05-19 With more plays I found another issue with the game as was released. The last player has an unfair advantage as the game end immediately, in our games the last player ALWAYS won due to this. I think that Javier (the game designer) already addressed this issue. He also proposed some variants. I’m downgrading it’s rating because nowadays I’m much harsher with my critics (I’m doing this for a lot of games). Xanadu is an ok game and I’m very proud it was produced in my country. I can’t wait to see their next game. Current Rating: 6.0 [hr] 2016-03-02 I have a confession to make. My previous ratings about Xanadu were biased because I felt bad giving a bad rating to a friend´s game and one for which I never paid anything. In fact I have won three copies of the game and I have sold each one of them. All my previous comments are true, however, I’m changing the rating to one I feel the game deserves. It is true it has interesting decisions, however the game is broken IMO because the last player will win no matter what (perhaps this is fixed now). Also I dislike the auto-play when someone plays a yellow/green building (all other player sabotage it whether if gives them what they need or not) I feel the game lacked some playtesting before release. Still I don’t think I will ever play it again. It is way too light for my current tastes. I feel bad writing this, but it is also liberating as I always felt I was lying to the public, and that made me feel even worse. Current Rating: 4.0


Rating en BGG: 6.5

A pleasant little card game, with interesting mechanisms. Some take that, but overall quite light hearted and easy to learn.


Rating en BGG: N/A

Play on BGA


Rating en BGG: 6



Rating en BGG: 6.5

spiel 2015


Rating en BGG: 6

I'm fond of this kind of card games that use cards in a multifunctional way. On the con side the scoring/resource production system attracts potentially a lot of take that. Graphical layout is quite tight which makes following others' tableau a bit hard and with high amount of players this can be quite low on control. On the other hand with lower player count this can easily be a boring exercise of rinse and repeat.


Rating en BGG: 6



Rating en BGG: 4.99

a little boring...


Rating en BGG: N/A

Played once. It was an interesting experience and a clever system, but I'm not sold on it as a game. In the end, it isn't clear how much your decisions really matter. Also, the game lacked much of an arc; you cycle your cards, trying to cash out at maximal value. And you keep doing that until the game ends.


Rating en BGG: 6.5

City building card game. Cards are used as workers and built as buildings.


Rating en BGG: 7

This clever Euro includes differing schedules of resources on played cards which become available to oneself and others for use in paying the build costs to introduce new cards into play and which also greatly affect the profitability of those cards upon being sold for coins to collect toward winning the game. Players must therefore weigh advantages/disadvantages of whose resources to consume and when. Additionally, collecting resources requires spending cards in hand as workers so more decisions must be evaluated as to which cards to use as workers and which to introduce into play as buildings with their available resources. This leads to engaging play as long as the luck of the draw doesn't impede progress.


Rating en BGG: N/A

Go maybe


Rating en BGG: 8

juego bastante entretenido, se le puede dañar el caminado a los demás jugadores, no apto para susceptibles o malos perdedores


Rating en BGG: 4

Played once. Too much luck of the draw, I didn't enjoy.


Rating en BGG: 9

See my review: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/22877007


Rating en BGG: 5.5

Didn't worked for me as much as I expected (so far). The mechanic is fine, but it does not feel that you have much control and you should hope that everything goes fine until next turn that you can sell your building. However I can see that it might be possible that after more plays the strategies becomes more clear. The problem is "if" it succeeds to come to the table more...


Rating en BGG: 7

Card game like RftG


Rating en BGG: 8

Was happy to have the opportunity to pick up the 2015 edition with the Carson City Big Box Kickstarter. A different type of use-cards-to-pay-for-cards game that's really fun. It's on the shelf with Race for the Galaxy and San Juan; slightly lighter but provides an enjoyable and engaging play. [Sleeves-just a touch too short: Mayday sleeves 63.5 x 92mm]

Meeples Schmeeples

Rating en BGG: 8

I have the second edition and, despite the poor production quality, I will play this any chance I get. Simple rules wade with you gradually into incredible depths of play. So sharp and clever. Try it if you can.


Rating en BGG: 5

Remarkable interaction between players but I found some issues I dislike from my first game of Xanadu: - It seems you will always depend on to other players to do something (what you can, rarely what you want). - Very difficult to see one of your plans succeed. - Since it is necessary to keep track of every player cards I find symbols need to be larger in order to make the game easily playable.


Rating en BGG: 7

Good game of buying and selling cards. In between there is an innovative mechanism of placing workers (that is to say cards) on card of opponents. Thereby decreasing their sale revenues. Would like to play more of this.


Rating en BGG: 7

Neat card game. The symbols on the card are a bit weird and too small, so there's a lot of looking over the cards. Nice game, although it could do with better symbol design. I like the way the cards feel, there is something unique to it.


Rating en BGG: 7

A neat little tableau-builder hand-management game. Quite good artwork and fun yet simple gameplay. It can feel a bit samey after a while as it doesn't feel thematic, but it's still a lot of fun.


Rating en BGG: N/A

Master. Fourth Cupboard. First Shelf . Outside


Rating en BGG: 7



Rating en BGG: 6

Need to play this more, but shows promise.

Mr Mjeh

Rating en BGG: 5

The idea is fun of this game, but it's much too fiddly and needlessly complex, with AP even with people who would normally not be prone to it


Rating en BGG: 7



Rating en BGG: 7

First impression is favorable. Lovely art, and a nice city-building theme. Need to get another play in.